• How do I properly store coffee?

    Coffee is best stored in a sealed bag or container at room temperature and out of the light. All Signal coffee is packed in specially sealed bags to preserve freshness.

  • How long will roasted coffee stay fresh?

    Roasted coffee requires 2-3 days of rest after it has been roasted to be at its best. Coffee is ideally consumed within 4 weeks of roast date, but is perfectly fine and still delicious for 6 months or longer, provided it has remained sealed and been properly stored.

  • How quickly should I use coffee after it has been ground?

    Coffee quickly loses freshness once it's been ground, so for the best coffee experience we recommend grinding only what you need, right before you need it. The first and quickest way to improve your home coffee game is to grind your own coffee.

  • Do you sell pre-ground coffee?

    Because coffee stales so quickly once ground, we sell only whole bean coffee. Some of our wholesale and retail partners will be happy to grind a bag of whole bean coffee for you without additional cost; if you take home a bag of ground coffee, you'll want to go through it within two weeks.

  • How does your shipping work?

    All of our coffee is shipped within 48 hours of its roast date. Orders are collected up to Tuesday at noon.  These orders are roasted and shipped by the end of that same week.  Orders received after Tuesday are pushed to the following week.

  • Do you offer wholesale accounts to customers who want to serve your coffee?

    We do! Please complete our wholesale partner form so we can provide you with the best options to suit your specific requirements.

  • Do you offer staff training for wholesale accounts?

    Sure do! We provide a range of staff training and coffee bar organization/layout solutions. Please contact us through our online wholesale partner form to find out more information about our services.

  • Do you repair or service equipment?

    We do indeed! Please complete the online contact form or wholesale partner form. Be sure to include the make & model of your equipment and a detailed description of the issue. At present, we are happy to service equipment within our Ontario limits.

  • Do you lease equipment?

    Yes! We are pleased to work alongside our customers to ensure they have the right equipment for their needs.

  • Where can I find cupping information?

    Visit the SCAA website: https://store.scaa.org/collections/campus/products/scaa-official-cupping-form